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Melbourne Escort Melbourne – 3 Sex Games That Are Way More Fun Than Monopoly

Want to further spice things up in bed? Perhaps you and your partner should try playing the various types of sex games (read: sex-oriented toys and board games) that are available on the market today, from apps to card games to variations of your favourite classics like Monopoly! Here’s what our friendly sex experts and more »

3 Straightforward Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

When getting into a relationship, it would help if you knew just how long it would last. While hiring one of the courtesans at Melbourne Escort Melbourne would give you a good idea of how a good relationship would feel like, that’s a different idea altogether. Sadly, not all relationships start off great once the more »

Melbourne Escorts | Sex Delivery “Deri Heru” Service Of Japan Is Now An Income- Earner

Contrary to the rest of the earth, Japan has an escorting business which is different or funny, besides its dynamism and innovativeness! Here’s a glance of their most patronised sex provider, the “deri heru”. It’s Just Like The Usual Escort Service Virtually a “delivery health” service, it functions similar to how it does in our more »

Melbourne Escorts | Virtual Reality Pornography: Vibrant, Vein-Busting Issues You Haven’t Known Yet

Pornography has at last made an entry into the Space Age with the release of Virtual Reality (VR)! For a really erotic browsing session, you’ll need a mobile device functioning on Android, including a $20 or more headset. Underneath are vibrant, vein-busting issues concerning Virtual Reality pornography. VR Porn Is Too Different From Your Usual more »

Helpful Hints on How to Safely Pull Off a One-Night Stand

Let’s face it- one night stands can be fun and exciting. However, these activities have their fair share of danger, and other offbeat consequences, too. And while the therapeutic nature of an anonymous shag with a total stranger shouldn’t be disregarded, the truth is that one night stands still feel much like inherently dangerous behaviour more »

The Hottest, and Most Creative, Porn Podcasts of 2017

Forget the usual erotic novels in the book shops (Although it’s still cool to collect pocketbooks these days), for porn podcasts are now the “in thing”! In these fast-paced and digital times, there’s pretty much a podcast for everything and everyone, and of course there are porn, adult and erotic podcasts which offer anything from more »

Melbourne Escorts – Time to Understand Sexual Dysfunction among Females

If you’re a healthy woman of age, have you experienced some difficulty between the sheets? If you do, you may not be aware but, you may be having some form of sexual dysfunction. You might start asking yourself, “Where’s my orgasm?” It’s true that sexual dysfunction in males is quite prevalent. Sometimes, they just need more »

Melbourne Escorts | UK Study Says That The Best Time for Having Sex

What’s the best time for having sex? If you don’t have an inch of an idea what the best time is, perhaps you should take heed from a recent British study which says that 9 am on Sunday is the prime time for having sex, while Tuesday at 9 pm is the worst time to more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Sex Tips That Most Women Wished Their Guys Knew

When it comes to talk about sex, so much has happened in the past 5 or even 10 years. Like, take a look at the explosion of dating and sex apps, and the increasing popularity, as well as the many new high-tech innovations, of sex toys. Thus, sex should be better than ever today. Well, more »

Melbourne Escorts – The 4 Things That Make Men Ridiculously Horny

What makes you horny, or what mysteriously turns you on? According to sex experts and psychologists, certain things make a man or woman horny, from pictures of naked people to moving images of naked people, to being touched while naked, etc. Well, we asked a couple of guys out there to name the top 4 more »

Melbourne Escorts | 4 Great Dating Sites for Guys & Girls Who Are Into Certain Fetishes

Got a “fetish”, or a unique (or shall I say weird) sexual desire or interest? A fetish is defined as “a fixation on an object or specific situation that leads to sexual arousal. This can also encompass the obsession one feels towards physical body parts in a sexual sense”. But if you got little or more »

Melbourne Escorts – 5 Women Body Parts You Should Really Give Attention To

Do you want to give your woman the best sex experience ever? You know, the one that she’ll completely remember throughout the years. According to Melbourne Escorts, one of the secrets to doing so is by touching here in the parts where she’s very sensitive to. To help you get started, below are some of more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Fantasies That Women Have Been Dreaming Of Fulfilling Ever Since

If you want to satisfy a woman in bed, there are lots of ways to do it. From giving her a good licking down to lasting longer in bed – these are some of ways to achieve the aforementioned. However, as what Melbourne Escorts suggests, it’s also important that you manage to fulfil her fantasies. more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Sex Techniques That Can Help Her Reach Orgasm

Making a woman reach orgasm is not an easy task to do. According to Melbourne Escorts, men need to do a lot of things in order to help women come. While this can be very rigorous, it’s something that males have to do for their female counterparts. After all, satisfaction is really needed, and sex more »

Melbourne Escorts – Top 6 Positions Men Need To Do In Bed From Now On

When it comes to sex, women prefer lots of positions. Hence, as her partner, you need to adjust to her liking accordingly. As explained by Melbourne Escorts, finding the right position for her will help in reaching orgasm. Although there are lots to choose from, you need to select the one that can get her more »

Melbourne Escorts | 4 Tricks to Satisfying a Woman in Bed

When it comes to sex, it’s important that you give it all out. Why? That’s because you want to satisfy her, according to Melbourne Escorts. This should be your main priority and thus it’s important you know how to do it. From licking her pussy to giving her the big O, satisfying a woman in more »

Melbourne Escorts | 5 Significant Reasons Why You Should Wear Condoms

There’s no doubt that sex is a fun thing to do. Heck, it’s even worth a thousand of pleasures. However, according to Melbourne Escorts, men shouldn’t be overwhelmed with the feeling. Hence it’s always best to do it safe. Well, that’s why condoms are invented. Not only do they prevent unwanted pregnancy, they’re good umbrellas more »

Melbourne Escorts | The Horny Couple’s Guide To Pregnant Sex

For most women, sex during pregnancy may be the last thing on their mind. Why? Because during this time, women often deal with a lot of nasty stuff, from vomiting to headaches and nausea, as well as fatigue. However, some adventurous women (and men) may crave for sex even in pregnancy. The good news is more »

Melbourne Escorts | Quickies Vs Romantic Sex: What’s The Best Ratio/Frequency Rate For Couples?

Whether we like to keep activities such as sex as simple, and as fun as we can, sometimes the outside world can inadvertently complicate things. Well, perhaps we can’t insulate our bedrooms from the outside world, and there’ll be times when the stress and work can hamper our efficiency in bed. But here’s one thing more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Sex Topics You Should Talk With Her Now

Do you want to know what is key to having a better sex life with your partner? Well, it’s no other than communication! According to Melbourne Escorts, the secret to achieving a healthy sex life is by ensuring that you and your woman are on the right track when it comes to bedroom whatnots. Level more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Secrets That Will Make Her Give You More Blowjobs

Whether you like it or not, most women just really don’t like the idea of giving you a head. Although they may do it, it is only because they want you to make happy. Nonetheless, according to Melbourne Escorts, there are ways that men can do in order for their partners to give them a more »

Melbourne Escorts – The Best Anal Sex Toys

There are many couples out there who like to experiment in the bedroom, but even with that, there still seems to be a final frontier to the erotic experimenting – and that’s anal sex. The sexy vixens at Melbourne Escorts are definitely open to it if their clients want it. If you want to try more »

Melbourne Escorts – Open-Minded Courtesans, Memorable Climaxes

A lot of things can affect how pleasurable sex turns out to be for you and your partner. One of these is relaxation – if you’re not really relaxed, you may not be able to enjoy sex as much. Another is, of course, the positions you tend to take. The lovely babes at Melbourne Escorts more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Tips on How to Do Spanking Correctly

There’s no doubt that spanking is both exciting and fun. However, as what Melbourne Escorts advise, you need to make sure that your partner is into some ass-slapping first, or she may go straight out of the door. Always remember that her ass is one of the very sensitive erogenous zones, thus when touched or more »

Melbourne Escorts – Better Nutrition, Better Sex

When it comes to adult playtime and the bedroom, a lot of factors go into how much you enjoy the experience. You could be very good, but your partner is new to the ‘game’, so something is lacking. Or you could be with one of the lovely babes at Melbourne Escorts, so you have a more »

Melbourne Escorts – Dedicated Companions to Chase Away Boredom

When you think about it, a trip to somewhere different, whether it’s for business or pleasure, doesn’t have to be made alone. The lovely courtesans featured in the pages of Melbourne Escorts can give you the companionship you need on those days, if you don’t have a travelling companion of your own. Those who’ve gone more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Locations Best for Quick Pumps

Time is truly an enemy, especially if you and your partner want to find a spot to have a quickie. Obviously, you would want to opt for a nearby hotel or spend the night at home, maybe with one of the babes from Melbourne Escorts. But, really, why ruin everything by heading to a safe more »

Melbourne Escort Melbourne | 4 Weird Sex Acts You Should Try

Someday, you’ll grow old, thus you would want to have some great stories about the outrageous times you had in the past. Melbourne Escorts says that indeed there are downright weird sex acts out there, but giving them a shot is something that you wouldn’t regret. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, you know? more »

Melbourne Escort Melbourne | 3 Things You Should Start Avoiding When Having Sex

It is a known fact that men are always looking for ways to be great in bed. Melbourne Escorts even suggests that all situations vary based on everything from physical chemistry to what food you ate earlier that day – although there is no formula to being the best sexual partner out there. Sure, every more »

Melbourne Escort | Secrets to Scorching Sex in a Long-Term Relationship

When you’re in a long-term relationship, your attraction for your partner may grow, but you may find your desire for sex either gets smothered, or it lessens because sex doesn’t happen as often. Of course, you don’t want that happening, nor do you want to destroy something great for lack of sex. Short of engaging more »

Melbourne Escorts | Secrets to Scorching Sex in a Long-Term Relationship

When you’re in a long-term relationship, your attraction for your partner may grow, but you may find your desire for sex either gets smothered, or it lessens because sex doesn’t happen as often. Of course, you don’t want that happening, nor do you want to destroy something great for lack of sex. Short of engaging more »

Melbourne Escort – Certified Turn-ons, Guaranteed Sexual Enjoyment

Being the dominant partner in bed is a turn-on for many people, but having the tables turned and being the submissive can be just as fun. The ladies at Melbourne Escort know all the tricks to make being the bottom well worth your time – and an unforgettable experience. Soft classical music played in the more »

Melbourne Escort Melbourne | Melbourne Escort – An Erotic Give-and-Take

In sex, when both partners are focused only on giving the other as much pleasure as possible, their own needs are fulfilled in a big way. For the ladies featured in the pages of Melbourne Escort, such an approach is automatic. She pushed the shirt off my shoulders, fingers drawing lazy circles over my chest, more »

Melbourne Escorts Stories: The Uninitiated | Melbourne Escort Melbourne

He looked younger than his age. He said he was in his early thirties but really, he looked like a fresh college graduate. He was one of those baby-faced types. I was a Melbourne escort. As a client, he pays for my time.. and my services. Ten minutes in, he was still quite chatty.. which more »

Melbourne Escorts Melbourne – 5 Tricks To Sizzle Up Your Erotic Adventures

Others say the best strategies come from great direct encounters. Sexual intercourse can completely be regarded as a heavy subject to tackle. It’s all simply because joys don’t come so conveniently. Despite the fact that there may be a little that would disagree (because they have it so very easy). Thus, that’s what makes the more »

Melbourne Escort Melbourne – 5 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life in Great Measures

They declare the most ideal strategies come from fantastic direct experiences. Love-making can indeed be thought of as a serious matter to tackle. It’s all mainly because pleasures don’t come so effortlessly. Although there may be a little that would don’t agree (for the reason that they have it so fast and easy). Thus, that’s more »

Melbourne Escorts – Immersing in Wanderlust

Ever had that very powerful pulling of wanderlust actively coursing through your personality? If you replied absolutely, then the urban area of Sydney is the ideal location for you to visit. It is recognized for the stunning, urban beauty of its location but more than its infrastructures are the magnificent hotties that will build your more »

Melbourne Escort Melbourne asks you to vote for Private Girls Australia!

If you enjoy the red light district of Australia, then it is time for you to cast your votes for the best and the brightest sexy performers.  This is the place where you can meet and greet fantastic entertainers, sex gurus and many of the best adult entertainers down under.  If you are a huge more »

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