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Helpful Hints on How to Safely Pull Off a One-Night Stand

Let’s face it- one night stands can be fun and exciting. However, these activities have their fair share of danger, and other offbeat consequences, too. And while the therapeutic nature of an anonymous shag with a total stranger shouldn’t be disregarded, the truth is that one night stands still feel much like inherently dangerous behaviour to indulge in. here are a couple of helpful hints on how to safely pull off a one night stand.

The Pre Plan

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Sure, one night stands are fun and exciting. But if you’re not prepared to face all the potential risks, I guess it would be more fun (and relaxing) if you call the lovely Melbourne Escorts instead, and schedule a date with them!

Well, the pre-one night stand planning varies from one individual to another of course. Some do a quick background check on their potential partner (I guess through Facebook or Instagram), while others tell their friends that they’re meeting someone later (complete with details of the meet-up place and/or motel).

Basic Safety Stuff

One of the biggest mistakes than mane and women make when they’re having a one night stand is not downing too much booze, but in trying to keep the whole thing a secret. By keeping things secret, your friends or even family members would have no idea where you are, and they’d be clueless as to what to tell the cops if you’ve gone missing for hours (or days!).

Perhaps it would be nice if you inform friends through SMS, or through WhatsApp and other online messaging service, that you’ll be meeting this guy or girl at this hour, or this place, so they can later track your whereabouts.

And of course, your one night stand safety plan should also include stuff like condoms and lube, as well as a couple of pain relievers and antihistamines, should you suddenly suffer a headache (or a nasty allergy!). But if you’d like to experience full erotic pleasure, minus the potential risks or blunders, why don’t you schedule a date with the hot and sexy Private Melbourne Escorts instead?

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