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Melbourne Escort – 4 Reasons Why “Quickies” Are Truly Beneficial

 For some, sex can be quite exhausting. It’s because sometimes it requires too much preparation, imagination and effort, for which it would be better to just sit on the couch, take out the popcorn and watch a DVD. While couples will need to rekindle the fires of romance through candles, rose petals, foreplay and stuff, there’ll be occasions where short but passionate “quickies” can be very rewarding. Here are four reasons why quickies are truly beneficial.

Melbourne EscortIt Gives You A Physical & Emotional Boost

According to recent studies, sex (most especially quickies) can lead to the release of a lot of feel-good hormones, like serotonin and dopamine. These are good for enhancing your mood, for relieving pain and enhancing sleep (regardless of whether you’re sleeping with your spouse or Melbourne Escort).

Everyone in the medical community knows that sex has a lot of therapeutic benefits. So sex is one great prescription that you won’t need to pay anything for (except if you’re hiring an escort service). Quickies can also keep the fires burning, especially for couples who are starting to drift apart, physically and emotionally.

It Puts Less Pressure On Both Partners

If sex were like a Broadway musical or job qualifying exam, then partners would perhaps feel an overwhelming pressure to perform well. But if both partners are comfortable enough to enjoy the occasional quick-release sessions, then they’ll appreciate, and fully embrace the much-longer sexual trysts.

A quickie also paves the way for sex without limitations. It’s because when the individual is not afraid to enjoy the occasional (or frequent) quickie, then they’ll open their mind to other exciting possibilities, like sex before work, or sex during the lunch break and more.

You Don’t Need To “Create” An Atmosphere

What’s so good about quickies is that you don’t need to create an atmosphere, or set the mood first. According to sex experts, the main point of quickies is not finding the suitable spot, but in the concept of “immediacy”, which means that you’re doing the quickie to grab each other.

Thus, you could do a quickie in the back seat of a car, in the kitchen counter, public-toilet stall, or before leaving for work in the morning, as well as before going out for dinner.

It Maximizes The Physical Pleasure

Ask anyone who’s used to doing a lot of things at the same, and you’ll learn the perks of multitasking. Well, instead of kissing first, then caressing next and dragging your nails down each other’s backs next, why not do these all at once?

Quickies are best noted for maximizing the physical intimacy and pleasure that both partners get out of the experience, because it allows both individuals to stay active, and not slow down just to say sweet nothings. It lets you truly focus on the intensity and passion of sex.

While there’s no shortage of no-string quickies for singles (as they can do it with friends, or even Melbourne Escorts), quickies are extra beneficial for those in relationships. No matter if it’s hasty or clumsy; a five or ten-minute quickie can strengthen intimacy and enhance self-esteem.

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