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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Fantasies That Women Have Been Dreaming Of Fulfilling Ever Since

If you want to satisfy a woman in bed, there are lots of ways to do it. From giving her a good licking down to lasting longer in bed – these are some of ways to achieve the aforementioned. However, as what Melbourne Escorts suggests, it’s also important that you manage to fulfil her fantasies. That way, no matter how good or bad you’re at bed, she’ll leave the door satisfied. Check out some of the common fantasies women have when it comes to sex.

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Become a Private Dancer
Most women wouldn’t entertain the idea of doing this in a public setting, but the privacy of your bedroom is a different story. They fantasize about the idea of transforming into Dita Von Teese for you and busting out their sultriest and seductive moves. Why? That’s because they like the idea of you admiring them and being turned on by their bodies and how they move. Talk to her about her fantasies, and if this comes up, you can even consider investing in an easily stored dancing pole so she can indulge her fantasy more often.

To Be Dominant
First off, yes, women love a manly man. And when you take control in the bedroom it’s incredibly satisfying. But occasionally, women let their minds be inspired by the idea of them taking charge. This sexy scenario helps them to realise their fantasies about being in control. Using some sexy silk scarfs to take your hands out of the picture and leave you at the mercy of their desires makes them feel empowered and very much turned on.

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Be an Actress In Bed
She may admonish you for your love of movies-of-the-blue-kind but chances are she’s fantasised about starring in her own homemade version. One of the main reasons why women enjoy sex is because it makes them feel sexy. Making a movie of your love-making means she’ll get to watch how turned you are by her from every angle, while she is the star of the show. Test her interest in this fantasy by suggesting you take a few intimate snaps next time you’re getting busy and see how she feels.
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