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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Sex Tips That Most Women Wished Their Guys Knew

When it comes to talk about sex, so much has happened in the past 5 or even 10 years. Like, take a look at the explosion of dating and sex apps, and the increasing popularity, as well as the many new high-tech innovations, of sex toys. Thus, sex should be better than ever today. Well, most women don’t agree with this notion, because according to a poll on Women’s Health, a lot of ladies still think that their guys are flunking in bed! Here’s a peek at a few sex tips that most women wished their men knew.


Relax, and Focus on Her Intimate Details

Whenever you’re dating the lovely lady you just met in the bar, or if you’re dating the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts, do you always feel the pressure to perform? Well, I can’t blame you because more and more women today are beginning to demand good sex from their male partners!

But instead of feeling pressured, more women wish that their guys relax, and focus more on their intimate details – like her sounds, expressions, or her erect nipples. Guys should also encourage their ladies to tell them what to do, and tell them that you like it when she tells you what she really wants!

Raise Your Awareness of Her Clitoris

According to sex experts, women often find it difficult to climax from intercourse alone. In fact, according to one recent survey, 40% of women said that vaginal sex was the most likely way for them to reach orgasm in bed; however they complained that their male partners lacked “clitoral awareness”.

Sex experts suggest that men could vary the stimulation on their female partners, so that she will be more likely to climax. One great technique would be to try slow grinding with her on top, or have her hold a vibrator against her clitoris in the missionary position.

Vary Your Foreplay Skills

And of course, guys should vary their foreplay skills, and not just stick to oral sex. It’s because your girlfriend, or your favourite Melbourne Escorts, need foreplay for the arousal that leads to desire. Thus, foreplay should include stuff like kissing, rubbing, dirty talk, stroking and more!

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