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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Sex Topics You Should Talk With Her Now

Do you want to know what is key to having a better sex life with your partner? Well, it’s no other than communication! According to Melbourne Escorts, the secret to achieving a healthy sex life is by ensuring that you and your woman are on the right track when it comes to bedroom whatnots. Level up your sexual life by including sex topics on your daily conversation. This is a surefire way to keep the fire burning!

Melbourne EscortsTalk About the Importance of Safe Sex
The rule of thumb is that as soon as you know there’s some kind of mutual attraction, have the conversation. It’s important to discuss STD and HIV tests, and the date of your last test. Lead the way by sharing your background first. However, the key is to keep the conversation light and less threatening. What doesn’t need to be discussed? Your number, as all it does is create insecurities. Whether you’ve been with one person or 100, a clean bill of health and a history of making safe decisions about your body are most important.

Discuss the Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs
Discussing what gets you going and what turns you off might be difficult, but it is really necessary. Bring up down-and-dirty dislikes outside of the bedroom. You see, a lot of couples make the mistake of having them in the moment, and that creates a very vulnerable environment. But rather than revealing the undesired behavior outright, frame the situation with a positivity. You can tell her how you love having sex with her and that you’d love to try this and that. Offering an alternative that might work better allows you to share a turn-on while also airing a turn-off.

The Sexual Positions
This is also a better way to understand the details of your sex lives. Through this, you might know that she actually doesn’t like the plain old missionary. Or that you want to let her know about how blowjobs should be done. It’s a like a loyalty check – being honest with whatever pleasures you both.

Did you like these sex tips? Of course, you do! Then you better get in touch with Melbourne Escorts, as they always have these amazing sex tips to share. Give them a call now!

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