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Melbourne Escorts – Make Your Sex Life Sizzle, By Drinking A Pint Of Beer Each Day!

From sexy underwear to love dolls, sex toys and new positions, there are practically a lot of ways for boosting your sex life. But don’t you know that you can easily fire up your libido and performance, by drinking beer? According to a popular sexologist, beer can give guys a wide range of bedroom perks, which of course can be beneficial to women too. Here’s a look at how drinking beer can enhance a guy’s and girl’s sex life.

Melbourne EscortsBeer Adds Stamina, And Makes You Last Longer In Bed
Try ordering a pint of beer each time you go dating with your girlfriend, or with any of the hot and sultry Melbourne Escorts, and see how incredibly good you perform in bed later!

According to researchers at Italy’s Fondazione de Ricerca e Cura, guys who drank at least a pint a day had 31% less chances of suffering from heart problems. This means that beer is good for heart health, and if coupled with exercise, it can enhance endurance and stamina too.

A number of studies have also noted that light to moderate beer drinkers enjoy the benefits of phytoestrogens, which naturally occur in hops, and can help delay ejaculation (and make guys last longer in bed too).

Beer + Aphrodisiac Foods Increases Blood Flow to the Penis
One way to further the boost the bedroom benefits of beer would be to pair it with a couple of aphrodisiac foods. For example, you can eat oysters, and down them with a pint of beer! Oysters are known to have high levels of zinc and amino acids, which improves a guy’s stamina and performance in bed.

Dark Beers Can Give Guys a Stronger Boner
Beers come in different formats and flavours. But according to some sex experts, dark beer contains higher levels of iron, which have been noted to help elevate the rate of blood flow to the penis. Thus, a pint of dark beer a day, can give you firmer, ready-for-action erections!

But before the girls start encouraging their men to gulp on beer every day, remember that moderation is still the key to a hot and sizzling, and extended hook-up. It’s because too much beer can hamper a guy’s sex drive, or cause a flaccid penis.

The actual amount or number of beers required also varies from one guy to another. But according to sex experts, one to three hop-rich beers daily can certainly make a difference

But if you’re not a beer drinker, you can still do something to spike up your sex life, and make your girlfriend, or lovely Melbourne Escorts, very happy in bed, by eating iron-rich foods and taking probiotics and vitamins!

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