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A lot of things can affect how pleasurable sex turns out to be for you and your partner. One of these is relaxation – if you’re not really relaxed, you may not be able to enjoy sex as much. Another is, of course, the positions you tend to take. The lovely babes at Melbourne Escorts know this well, so they’re comfortable with a variety of positions guaranteed to bring you both pleasure.

Melbourne EscortsShe moaned, louder, as I fondled one breast while licking and sucking at the other one, both nipples erect in response to my teasing. I could feel the heat from her – her desire – suffusing her skin. Or perhaps that was my own – I couldn’t tell, we both wanted it. The room, though air-conditioned, felt deliciously warm because of our heated passion.

She continued to grind against me, her groin rubbing my very obvious erection, an act both teasing and promising. I cupped her ass, feeling how firm it was, grinding a little myself. It wouldn’t be too long before I absolutely had to put it in.

The lithesome beauty seemed to sense this; slowly, she got up, her hips swaying as she shimmied out of her panties, her sultry gaze not leaving my face once. Then she straddled me, but facing away from me. She guided me into her, little by little, both of us moaning at the slick, hot contact. 

She took both my hands in her own, lifting them to her breasts. “I love it when you play with them,” she breathed, looking back over her shoulder at me. Even as she said this, she started bouncing up and down some, my dick moving in and out of her.

At this invitation, I did some thrusting of my own, not enough to make her fall over, and fondled her boobs at the same time. It took us a while to find the rhythm, but we did. Soon, I felt myself approaching the point of no return. The feel of her luscious breasts in my palms, her panting, the sensations from my cock – it was too much.

We came together, a molten explosion that drove all thought from my brain. The only thing I knew was that it was the best I’d had so far.

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