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Melbourne Escorts | Quickies Vs Romantic Sex: What’s The Best Ratio/Frequency Rate For Couples?

Whether we like to keep activities such as sex as simple, and as fun as we can, sometimes the outside world can inadvertently complicate things. Well, perhaps we can’t insulate our bedrooms from the outside world, and there’ll be times when the stress and work can hamper our efficiency in bed. But here’s one thing that would be nice to discuss with your partner, and it’s all about the ideal ratio between sex and quickies. So what’s the right mix between quickies and romantic interludes? Let’s find out what the experts have to say.

Melbourne EscortsIt’s Five Quickies To One Protracted Romantic Romp
So what’s the best mix of sex for couples? Should it be one “quickie” for one long romantic joust? Well, if you’d rather wish to indulge in a carefree, enjoyable round of more of sex (minus the technicalities), perhaps it would be great if you call on your favourite Melbourne Escorts?

Now, seriously, most sex experts and relationship counsellors think that the right ratio should be five intense quickies to one long and involved romantic romp. This could probably mean that quickies don’t get her off (or bring her to an orgasm), and it may indicate that there’s no gap in the lady’s desire, but in her arousal level instead!

Twice-a-Week Sex Would Be OK Too (Whether It’s Quickies Or Not)
While some still argue, or get confused, about what should be the ideal ratio between quickies and romantic sex, one sex expert recommends that couples (especially the women) say yes as often as possible, and aim for at least having sex twice a week (as well as keep their sexual response on point).

Most men would honestly say that they’re just fine with doing “vanilla” (or conventional) sex, or even blowjobs and quickies, as long as they both mix things up each time (or add some novelty!).

To make sex more fun and satisfying, especially to women, guys should first remember that many women do not experience orgasms from quickies. And what should they do?

Well, first the sex experts stress that they could try using quickies to generate the arousal she needs to desire more sex. The quickies should serve as “make-out sessions”, which means that it should offer a lot of hot, sensual teasing (like use a vibrator for 10 minutes, or do a lot of licking/fondling).

Couples should also learn to design quickies using all the types of sex that make for a good, sensible balance – fantasy sex, sensual sex involving sound, sex to relieve stress, sex for lovemaking etc. Perhaps you should try something stimulating, and refreshing, like a “girlfriend experience”, with the lovely Melbourne Escorts!

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