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Melbourne Escorts | Secrets to Scorching Sex in a Long-Term Relationship

When you’re in a long-term relationship, your attraction for your partner may grow, but you may find your desire for sex either gets smothered, or it lessens because sex doesn’t happen as often. Of course, you don’t want that happening, nor do you want to destroy something great for lack of sex. Short of engaging Melbourne escorts to keep you satisfied when you need it, what can you do?

Melbourne EscortsHere are a few ways to keep your sex life hot even after you’ve settled with that one partner for life.

1. Learn to engage in all-day foreplay. It can start as soon as you both wake up. Kiss her slowly and passionately and tell her how beautiful she is. Or wake her up with some heavy petting and touching – yes, actual physical foreplay. Whether it leads to some morning sex is entirely up to both of you.

Keep it going by calling her now and then to flirt, or tease her with sex-related text messages. Then kiss or touch her as frequently as possible while still being discreet when you meet up after work. Of course, if you’re at home, you don’t have to be as discreet.

2. Don’t be complacent. Even if you already know what makes your girl purr with contentment and moan with pleasure, don’t settle for anything less than amazing. Otherwise, that’s going to be your new normal – and you don’t want sex that feels lacklustre.

So mix up how you’re touching her, and throw something new in every now and then; experiment, and neither of you will get bored with sex at any point.

3. Be the best version of you. If you’re questioning your sexual prowess, it’s going to show up when you have sex, and she’s going to pick up on it. Make your sensual romp together unforgettable by being the confident lover she first fell for. Combined with the new tricks you’ve learned from each session together, the heat is sure to rise.

4. Be fully present whenever you’re together. Foreplay starts even outside of the bedroom, so if you’re with her anywhere – say, at dinner in a nice restaurant – don’t think of anything else. Actually be present, because that’s the first step to maintaining your intimacy any time you’re in bed.

So when you actually do go to bed together, the same thing applies. Don’t think about an impending employee review, or a product presentation. Pay attention to her, her needs and wants, so that she does the same with you.

If you’re one of those who still doesn’t have a long-term partner, engaging Melbourne escorts is perfectly okay – you have urges to fulfil as well. But just keep these tips in mind for the time you do find yourself in a long-term relationship, so the spark doesn’t go out.

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