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Melbourne Escorts | Snotty Snippets And Facts About Sneeze Fetishes

Perhaps most people today are aware of what “sexual fetishes” are, and they could even identify a couple of popular fetishes like BDSM, rubber or latex fetishes and others. But have you ever heard of something like a “sneeze” fetish?! Here are a couple of snotty snippets and facts about sneeze fetishes.

Melbourne EscortsIt’s A Person’s Interest, Pleasure Or Sexual Attraction To Sneezing
Has your girlfriend, or your hookup partner, or even your favourite Melbourne Escorts, heard about something like a sneeze fetish? According to sex experts, a “sneeze fetish”is defined as a “sexual fetish that’s characterised by a person’s interest, pleasure or sexual attraction to others sneezing, and/or a person’s own sneezing”.

What’s so surprising is that there has only been one published academic article or even study about sneezing fetishes, even if there’s already a large community of people who are sharing the fetish, and admit that it plays a very important role in their experience of sexuality.

What Turns On A Sneeze Fetishist?
And so what really turns on a sneeze fetishist? Like every other type of sexual fetish, sneeze fetishists have their own preferences too, or turn-ons so to speak. For starters, they like the sound of loud, medium and soft sneezes, stifled or un-stifled sneezes, and how a person covers their mouth or nose.

Some people get turned on when they’re sneezed on by others, and they show great interest too on the cause of the sneezing, whether it’s due to allergies, common colds or illnesses and dust. The way the fetish develops differs from one person to another too.

For example, some individuals develop it at a young age, while others develop it late in life (and start viewing sneezing in a sexual manner). What’s real surprising is that the partners of sneezing fetishists often start experiencing sexual feelings to sneezing themselves too, after some time, even if they do not self-identify as sneeze fetishists.

Sneeze Fetishists Can Be Heterosexual, & Enjoy Sneezes From Other Genders
A sneeze fetishist can enjoy sneezes from both genders, and they can be heterosexual too, according to sex experts. However, homosexuals and lesbians can be sneeze fetishists too. But for most, sneezing plays a major role in their sexual satisfaction.

Many even report that orgasms are even more attainable and are more intense, when brought about through the use of sneezing role play, or by listening to recorded sneezes! Now what does your girlfriend, or your preferred Melbourne Escorts, have to say about this unique sexual fetish?

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