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He looked younger than his age. He said he was in his early thirties but really, he looked like a fresh college graduate. He was one of those baby-faced types.

I was a Melbourne escort. As a client, he pays for my time.. and my services. Ten minutes in, he was still quite chatty.. which was a bit odd. My typical clients would have spent those ten minutes fucking me and sorting themselves out. There was usually no small talk with my clients. It’s sex they want, and it’s sex they get. Wham-Bam-Thank you ma’am.

Melbourne Escort MelbourneThis one was different. I was still dressed; he was teetering on his sofa, watching a show on the telly. We were making small talk. I asked him about his life, he said he lived on his own, has a pet cat, and was originally from Perth.

The TV show he was watching droned on. It was about a camping trip gone bad. The dialogue was witty, and I heard him chuckle a couple times. I found all this strangely comfortable. I draped myself on my side of the bed and stared at the ceiling. The TV’s light illuminated the room, casting an eerie glow on him.

“I’ll just be here when you’re ready” I said.
He responded with a hum, as I continued to stare at the muted colours of the walls. It was a nice room, I have to admit. Not fancy, but not sleazy either. It was nice. He was nice. I briefly wondered what the deal with him was, but immediately discarded the thought. Truth be told, I really didn’t care. It certainly wasn’t my place to be interested.

I could see his frame from my vantage point. I studied him, his looks. He was not overly muscular, and his pedestrian clothing didn’t reveal anything impressive about his physique. He’s stomach was protruding a bit, a subtle hint of beer belly. His frame was average. Although by the angle in which he was sitting, he seemed to have a tall stature.

He finally broke the silence and confessed, “this is my first time you know..” I didn’t hear it clearly at first so I asked him to repeat himself. “I’ve never paid for a girl” he reiterated. He glanced at me, stood up [confirming my suspicion that he was not vertically challenged], walked to the side of the bed, and sat down.

“It’s my first time, and I wanted to see what it would be like.” He said earnestly. I didn’t know what he meant. Did he mean it was his first time hiring a Melbourne escort, or it’s his first time to have sex? Honestly, I didn’t care. So I said, “we’ll have to sort that out then, won’t we” He smiled.

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