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There are many couples out there who like to experiment in the bedroom, but even with that, there still seems to be a final frontier to the erotic experimenting – and that’s anal sex. The sexy vixens at Melbourne Escorts are definitely open to it if their clients want it.

If you want to try it out yourself, there are several toys already on the market – so here are the ones that are sure to make your experience better.

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1. Ultrasex Anal Vibrator. This little package will add a bit more ‘oomph’ to your stimulating, especially before you get to the main event. She can even use it on you if you want; just be sure to wash it properly before she does. Another option is leaving it in her when you thrust into her, leading to a tighter fit and more pleasure thanks to the little vibrations it has.

Whichever way you decide to use this, you’ll find it goes in with little problems; on her part, the nerves around her anus will be stimulated just right, which she’ll love.

2. PicoBong Tano. You’ll find it hard to go wrong with anything from LeLo, because even the littlest toys do the trick. This one looks fairly nondescript, but for a butt plug, it can do a lot because of its vibrating action. The tapered head means you deliver vibrations to the right spot, and the flared base guards against emergency room visits to have the toy extracted.

3. Bondara Anal Relax Lubricant. The butt has nothing in the way of natural lubrication, and that’s why you need lube like this at the ready, especially if it’s her first time. That way, she won’t be scared of it being painful or uncomfortable, thanks to this lube’s numbing agent.

It helps you, too – the numbing agent will also affect your cock for a while, meaning you’ll be able to last a little longer than usual.

Whether you’re a newbie when it comes to anal play, or it’s a regular part of your sex routine, these toys are sure to turn up the heat for that experience. Looking for someone to get it on with, but your girl doesn’t want to, or you don’t have a partner? Browse the gallery at Melbourne Escorts and find the best pleasure professional for you.

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