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Melbourne Escorts – Time to Understand Sexual Dysfunction among Females

If you’re a healthy woman of age, have you experienced some difficulty between the sheets? If you do, you may not be aware but, you may be having some form of sexual dysfunction. You might start asking yourself, “Where’s my orgasm?” It’s true that sexual dysfunction in males is quite prevalent. Sometimes, they just need one steamy night with the Private Melbourne Escorts, and problem solved! But, with women? It’s a different thing.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Is Real

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Remember when Viagra reached the height of popularity sometime in the late 1990s? Experts say it practically changed the face of sexuality for blokes, young and old alike. Suddenly, all sorts of discussion about male sexual dysfunction came out from behind closed doors. Everyone was talking about it, giving all sorts of views on symptoms, causes, treatment, among other things.

On the contrary, concerns on sexual functioning and treatment for females was lagging behind. This –  behind the fact that 43% of women with that experience has been revealed through studies!

The American Foundation of Urological Disorders in 2004 was able to figure out categories for the most common sexual function complaints. Such include sexual arousal disorder, orgasm disorder, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, and as well, pain disorders such as vaginismus and dyspareunia.

Here’s a glance at the first two most prevalent:

  1. Sexual Arousal Disorder

If you think you’re not wetting enough no matter how much your partner stimulates you, then that’s an arousal disorder. Sometimes, it gets interchanged with sexual desire disorder, yet, it depends upon which state of womanhood you’re into.

If you belong to the reproductive age category, the no-arousal condition may be due to the following:

  • insufficient blood flow to the labia
  • poor performance of your partner
  • hormonal problem

For those near to or around the menopausal stage, it may be caused by oestrogen loss which could lead to vaginal dryness and atrophy. Both can be painful.

Good if your guy is aware that gals take around 15 minutes to get totally aroused, so foreplay plays a crucial role. It should be done way before you get laid, that is – sexting, emailing and phone sexing as well are a must.

  1. Orgasm Disorder

Truth is, numerous femmes get aroused but, only a bunch is able to achieve orgasm. Maybe, because most of them aren’t ‘in the moment’. They’re ‘somewhere else’ instead, with a host of things on their minds, so they lose focus. However, another glaring reason why ladies aren’t able to orgasm is that they don’t know their bodies in the strictest sense. They can’t even articulate what feels good on them, perhaps, for fear of ridicule or shame. So, how are you going to improve if in the first place, you don’t even understand what you’re aiming to improve?

If you only knew that enhancing orgasm is as easy as switching coital positions! How? Learn from the impressive Melbourne Escorts!

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