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What’s the best time for having sex? If you don’t have an inch of an idea what the best time is, perhaps you should take heed from a recent British study which says that 9 am on Sunday is the prime time for having sex, while Tuesday at 9 pm is the worst time to try and take things to the bedroom!

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Timing is Everything, Especially When it Comes to Initiating Sex

While we all agree that timing is everything, especially when it comes to initiating sex, there has never been a series of fixed guidelines established yet for the best sexual timetable. But who cares about timetables when you can actually have fun with the lovely and sexy Private Melbourne Escorts any time and any day!

Popular British store Superdrug recently conducted a survey of settled couples, to find out the best and worst times in the week for trying to get down to it. The drug store chain quizzed 2,000 to come up with ideas on the best and bad times to initiating sex. It’s worth noting that the survey was actually for settled couples rather than for one-nighters, where the most popular slots would be at 3am, while drunk and dazed!

The Best Time Was 9 am on Sunday, and the Worst Was 9 pm on Tuesday

The 2,000 people quizzed by the British drug store chain gave varying answers on the best times for going down and dirty, and some of the answers made sense while the rest were just weird.

For most people, the best time of the week for having sex was 9 am on Sunday, possibly a little early but some things are worth sacrificing some extra sleeping time. The least popular time was 9 pm on Tuesday, with 5:30 pm being considered a “dead zone”, because of the difficulty in getting back from work in time to meet that “appointment”.

Pre-work sex also got a negative or lukewarm reception, especially 8 am on Monday and 7:30 am on Wednesday, which goes to show that the combination of morning breath and mentally preparing your to-do list do not make a perfect pair!

The Superdrug study team noted that “it’s all too easy for sex to slip into a robotic routine, especially in long-term relationships, and this explains why Sunday mornings are such popular slots for sexiness, as people are more relaxed and have more time on their hands”.

But if you have all the free time in the world, what’s stopping you from enjoying a lot of great erotic fun with the alluring Melbourne Escorts, any time?

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