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What’s Your Position? – The Best Positions for Stimulating the G-Spot

Half the fun involving a girl’s G-spot is searching for it, right? Some men use their fingers, others use a toy. We asked some Melbourne Escorts in Melbourne if there were any sex positions that were surefire ways to hit a girl’s hot spot every time. Surprisingly, there are! Three girls share their favorite positions for maximum G-spot pleasure in the juiciest way possible.

Doggy Style

There’s just something about doggy style that ignites this carnal lust in me. I think it’s because it’s so crazy and animalistic. Anyway, this position is a great way to hit our sweet spot almost immediately, and it gives me the perfect amount of friction exactly where I want it. Whenever a guy gets me in position for doggy style, I know I’m in for one wild ride!

Guys go crazy in this position. They just ram their cocks into me and pound away. It’s like I’m just being used entirely for their pleasure alone, and I love it. Some guys lean over me and fondle my breasts while doing it. Others just grip my waist and pound me into the bed. Both ways work. This position is also great for pushing in really, really deep. It’s such a great feeling. – Your Vixen

Melbourne Escort MelbourneCowgirl

When I first tried cowgirl, it really demanded a lot of stamina, and I wasn’t able to finish. It was so embarrassing. Good thing the guy I was with understood enough; we finished in the plough position instead, and I thanked him by blowing his rock hard cock.

Since then, I’ve come to love the Cowgirl. Whenever I impale myself on a guy’s cock, I feel so full and stretched and completely in control. I can dictate the angle, tempo, and depth of the session, and most guys are happy with that. I love riding a man fast and hard, with my fingers clutching his shoulders and his hands clutching my boobs. I especially love it when guys squeeze and pinch my nipples while I’m riding them. The pleasure is just overwhelming. – Cow Girl


Legs over Shoulders

Personally, this position is one of my all-time favorites. It’s one way to spice up the very vanilla missionary position. It’s also a great show of my flexibility. When guys encourage me to hook my knees over their shoulders, I feel dominated and helpless in a good way. The more he leans on my thighs, the deeper the penetration is the better for both of us. The best part is? In this position, it’s guaranteed that he’ll stroke my spot with every thrust. It makes me nice, wet, and practically begging for more. – Flexibelle

The Frisk

This position works best when you’re in a cramped area, but it’s still tons of fun in the bedroom! It’s called ‘the frisk’ because the position I take looks like a police full-body search. As far as control goes, this position allows both me and my man to dictate the speed and intensity of our sex. As for my sweet spot…well, this position never fails to stimulate my G-spot every single time.

I like things a little rough, so I encourage guys to hold my hair or slap my butt cheeks if they’re in the mood. I also like the hands-on approach, so I absolutely love it when my partner starts exploring my body. I have gotten my nipples rolled, pinched, and massaged more than once in this position, and it always leaves me breathless. – ImUnderArrest

Are you curious to try any or all of these positions? The Melbourne Escorts in Melbourne are sure to perform in any position, anytime, anywhere.

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